On October 11, the Ethiopian Tanners Association organised a workshop at Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprises, sponsored by Unido. The subject of the workshop was the introduction of the Static Flaying Frame in Ethiopia. Some 50 people attended the workshop, some coming from 700 km away, and all expressed a keen interest to promote distribution of the SFF all over the country.

The Addis Ababa abattoir has been enthusiastic about the SFF installed at their production line. Tanners who attended the workshop have expressed their willingness to finance SFFs at abattoirs all over the country. Several SFFs have now been constructed in Ethiopia by a Unido consultant in the Addis Ababa region.

The consultant’s mission was financed by Unido who by now seem to have adopted Sam and the SFF as their baby. Talking about babies, a prototype of a baby SFF has been built in Addis which is meant to be used for the flaying of goat and sheepskins. Many have expressed their interest in a small SFF. Experiments are being made and when the first results are out, Leather International will report.