Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd have announced the debut of 2006 Shanghai . China Shoes . China Shoetec. The event, aiming at the middle-to-high-end footwear market, is scheduled to be staged at Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai from Oct 23-25, 2006. Stanley Chu, chairman of Adsale, and Anna Li, project director of Messe Düsseldorf gave an analysis on the latest development of worldwide and Chinese footwear industry at a recent press conference in Shanghai. They also presented the progress of the 4th 2006 Dongguan . China Shoes . China Shoetec and the new 2006 Shanghai . China Shoes . China Shoetec. VIP guests including Wang Ying, secretary general of CCCLA Shoe Commission; Liang Meifang, deputy director of Shanghai Commercial Information Center; and Xie Zhen, general manager of Shanghai International Merchandising Center Co Ltd, also attended the press conference. They expressed great interest at the newly defined Shanghai fair.

Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd is the subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, organiser of GDS – the world’s largest shoe fair. Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd has been successfully staging international exhibitions in China since the early 1980s. In view of the rapid development of China’s shoe industry, both companies joined hand to organise a footwear exhibition in China for the first time in 2003. Since then, Dongguan . China Shoes . China Shoetec has successfully been held for three consecutive years. It was well-received and served as an ideal export channel and platform for domestic shoe makers. Taking 2005 edition as an example, there were 4,769 overseas buyers and another 6,620 buyers from Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan Province. 2006 Dongguan . China Shoes . China Shoetec is scheduled to be held from April 21-24, 2006 at Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Centre. According to Stanley Chu, 70% of past exhibitors have reserved their booths.

In view of the success of the Dongguan fair, and the soaring economic growth inland, in particular the up-rising individual consumption power, the organisers were determined to launch the autumn edition in Shanghai next October. The show will be held at Shanghai Exhibition Centre, a classic-style exhibition hall located at the heart of commercial district. Differentiating from the Dongguan edition, the Shanghai fair focuses on the domestic market and on middle-to-high-end products and trendy branded shoes.

In terms of market growth, China manufactured seven billion pairs of shoes in 2004, accounting for 52% of total world output. China is now the largest footwear producer and exporter in the world. The total export value in the first half of 2005 reached US$8.47 billion, representing a 24% increase over last year’s figure. The growth of domestic consumption power is astonishing as well: Chinese GDP per head already exceeded US$1,000 and consumer preference has shifted towards a lifestyle of ‘comfort’ and ‘enjoyment’. The sector of ‘luxury goods consumer’ has reached 13% of the population and keeps growing at a fast pace. Annual domestic shoe consumption recorded close to 2 billion pairs, exceeding the US’s 1.6 billion pairs and topping the world’s major shoe consumption countries’ list. Import volume of first half of in 2005 was US$96.95 million, mainly middle-to-high-end footwear products. Branded leather shoes from Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Denmark etc are setting their foothold in the Chinese market through chain stores and concession counters at high-class shopping malls. The superior quality, classic style and comfort of these imported shoes are capturing a high market share among high-income consumers. For such a shoe-making and shoe-consuming giant, it is well recognized in the Chinese industry that there is potential and an urge for a first class international shoe exhibition to serve as a business platform for the export and domestic markets.

The timing and location of both fairs also fit in with the industry pulse. Dongguan, the shoe capital in China, is the focal point of international buyers. Shanghai, the leading economic centre and modern city in China, is in need of a professional shoe exhibition to gather high quality international products. One can reach the Pearl River Delta and South China region through Dongguan, while through Shanghai, influence can be extended to the Yangtze River Delta and East China coastal cities. Besides, April and October are the golden sourcing seasons and the most active months for business. The success of Dongguan fair in April is proof of this. The launch of the Shanghai edition will complement the April show and provide a perfect platform to the shoe industry. The Dongguan fair forecasts the autumn/winter trend while the Shanghai fair delivers spring/summer fashion series.

Also, according to the organisers, to tie in with the classic Russian style of Shanghai Exhibition Centre, specialised halls will be set up. Middle-to-high-end fashion and trendy shoes and branded shoes will be showcased in the ‘Modern Hall’. Fashion shows will be held concurrently. The ‘International Basic Hall’ will display various types of shoes and the ‘Trend Walk’ will play host to three sessions: ‘China Fashion’ to demonstrate Chinese folk tradition from the three-cun golden lotus shoes (tiny shoes for bound feet), craft shoes, folk custom shoes to today’s fashion shoes; ‘World Fashion’ to showcase world’s top design footwear including the latest shoe design displayed in GDS; and ‘Design World’ to display distinctive and extraordinary shoe designs from winners of the Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition and products from the Hong Kong Shoes and Bags Designers’ Association.

With Messe Düsseldorf’s international network and know-how in the shoe industry and the domestic channels of Adsale, and also both organisers’ experiences in organising and managing international exhibitions, 2006 Dongguan . China Shoes . China Shoetec and 2006 Shanghai . China Shoes . China Shoetec will unfold a refresh outlook and become a top shoe fair in China.