SIC, organisers of Le Cuir A Paris, have unveiled their new trends for summer 2007. The season is said to arouse the desire for a wider range of materials. Classic fashion themes are forgotten, distant journeys are set aside, dolls and marquises are tucked away in the cupboard, workers and dandies are left by the wayside, and everyone has suddenly become laboratory technicians, research workers, scientists, gardeners, ornithologists and oceanographers.

For summer 2007, there will be three major environments to work on: earth, sea, and sky. In the Earth category, Imitate Nature is described as digging deep into the roots of nature. Collect insects and catch butterflies, polish stones and imitate marble. Materials are mineral or vegetable, smooth or scored, incised or engraved. Get Dizzy on Perfumes is for those who look after their garden, compose strange bouquets, dream up new flowers. Breathe in the heady perfume of old roses and pluck the delicate petals. Here sensual, flowing materials, with delicate or underlined patterns can be found.

In the Sea category, Taming Science is artificial, chemical and performance-oriented. Take great care, strive for perfection in details, break the established codes, take inspiration from organic forms, aspire to serenity. Liquid or solid materials, cut-outs and 3D prints are included in this group. Bathing in Strangeness contains random forms, vague coral, sea anemones, pearly fish, seaweed, jellyfish and squid. Materials are hazy, hammered and full of holes.

In the Sky category, Don’t Worry stands simplicity, Scandinavian design and a tranquil lifestyle. Innocent lightheartedness cultivates the luxury of the essential.

Clean cut, peaceful, balanced materials are looking for new textures. Light and Shade consists of austere gleam, the play of light, shade effects. Light is now an integral part of texture. Sheen, opalescence, with the sky reflecting on the sea on a stormy summer evening. Metallic transparency and surfaces are dusted with gold and silver.

The next Le Cuir A Paris will be held February 21-24, 2006.