Silvateam do everything they can to optimise service to clients by satisfying their demands wherever possible. By listening to the requests of their customers, Silvateam develop new products in line with their traditional base: the wet-end. At the beginning of 2005 the company decided to confront a new challenge: to enter the finishing field. As a result Silvateam have acquired a finishing brand and have started to promote this in all the countries where the Silvateam brand is already present. The new product line has been called ILLO’ chemical industry.

ILLO’ was created as a trademark in France many years ago and was then acquired by an Italian company in the 80s. Today this trademark is affiliated to a well-known Italian finishing chemical company with a range that satisfies fast-changing fashion trends. The extensive product range has been studied and tested with very specific purposes in mind: production of medium-high quality articles and respect for the environment and the people who use the articles. These aims form part of the Silvateam heritage.

ILLO’ s production is supported by continuous research into the most up to date fashion trends for shoes, leather and clothing. The modern laboratories and customer service facilities are located in Santa Croce sull’Arno, Italy, and they work in close collaboration with tanneries in the development of new finishing systems and articles. The company’s technical organisation is growing with the main purpose of promoting and supporting agents, particularly overseas.

One of the main targets is to continue progress into China. This will involve the setting up of a modern application laboratory in Guangzhou which will act as the Silvateam finishing technical centre for China.

ILLO’ s official integration into Silvateam will be marked during the APLF where proposed fashion articles for autumn-winter 2008 will be introduced.

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