The Sisecam Group of Turkiye are active in the field of glass and chemicals production. Their chemicals group produces and markets the well known Tankrom brand (basic chromium sulfate which is used in the tanning process).

Soda Sanayii are one of the companies in the Sisecam Chemicals Group and Kromsan is the chromium compound plant that belongs to Soda Sanayii. They are well known globally with their brand, especially in the Far East (China, Taiwan and South Korea) and have a company in China, Sisecam Shanghai Trading Co.

Under their commitment to ‘responsible care’ which is a voluntary initiative of the global chemicals industry, Sisecam have announced that their Soda and Kromsan plants have acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system accreditation. Documenting the Soda and Kromsan plants has enabled them to establish a management system which provides the necessary technology for minimum waste formation. They have committed themselves to legislation for continual improvement in environmental policy.

They have also obtained OHSA 18001 occupational health and safety management certification whereby they carry out comprehensive risk analysis of health and safety, take responsibility for the health and safety of any individual on site and commit themselves to meeting legislative requirements.

They say that their subsidiary company Soda Sanayii AS respect and value people and the environment as an absolute principle and are committed to continuing to provide superior services under guidelines of the management systems.

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