1. Astacin Matting AR: high-performing, anti-abrasion top coat

Astacin Matting AR is a matt, waterborne aliphatic polyurethane dispersion that can be applied to all types of leathers, but it is especially recommended for use on automotive and steering-wheel leathers. Leathers finished with Astacin Matting AR are distinguished by excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding ethanol rub-fastness properties and a high matt degree with a good jet-black appearance. The newly launched product fulfils the highest standards of physical and chemical fastness properties, and delivers outstanding performance for achieving jet-black, matt leathers. It is therefore very suitable when applied to dark colours, especially black. The environmentally friendly product has zero add-on of NMP (n-methylpyrrolidone), NEP (n-ethylpyrrol-idone), formaldehyde, tributyl tin compounds, APEO (alkylphenol ethoxylates) and very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.

2. Astacin Novomatt DD: excellent top coat for jet-black appearance

Astacin Novomatt DD is the latest matt polyurethane top-coat dispersion. Leathers finished with Astacin Novomatt DD are distinguished by a high matt degree, excellent jet-black appearance and a soft, dry and silky feel. The new product performs a good flow out and fulfils the highest standards of physical fastness properties. It also imparts excellent anti-squeak properties. Astacin Novomatt DD is especially recommended for use on automotive and steering-wheel leathers. This ecological product is formulated with zero add-on of NMP, NEP, formaldehyde, tributyl tin compounds and APEO.

3. Astacin Top US: must-have top coat for high fastness and an elegant finish

Astacin Top US is the top coat for high-quality shoe upper and bag leather, imparting a natural, elegant look and a pleasant gloss. Astacin Top US can be used to formulate top coats with excellent fastness and high gloss. The product also gives high gloss and excellent heat resistance. It does not result in sticking when the leather is plated or embossed. Astacin Top US is especially recommended as an alternative to nitro-cellulose emulsions and cellulose acetobutyrate lacquers in thin, elegant finishes that are applied to aniline leather, for example. It is also compatible with all anionic binders, auxiliaries and pigments that are conventionally employed in aqueous finishes. The new top coat also comes with zero add-on of NMP, NEP and alkyl tin compounds.

4. DryFast system: beamhouse innovation for a better environment

The DryFast system provides integrated solutions for beamhouse that optimise water usage during wet-end operations, thereby reducing pollution load on discharge in effluent. By combining ecological products and a highly efficient process, DryFast reduces water consumption by up to 60%, produces cleaner effluents and shortens process time by at least 12 hours compared with conventional beamhouse processes. DryFast also helps tanneries fulfil local legislation regarding the reduction of effluent such as BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), sludge, nitrogen and sulphide.

5. Densodrin HP: reliable, full-handle water repellent for consistent results

The newly launched Densodrin HP is a polymer-based, water repellent that is very effective for use on all types of leather. With its exceptional performance, Densodrin HP imparts high water repellence (Bally and Maeser testing), a full handle and a pleasant touch when applied to the leather. The leather can be easily dyed to clean, brilliant shades with a very level surface so that draw and wrinkles are not highlighted. The application of Densodrin HP also results in a dry surface that improves buffability and finishing. The new product can be used for all types of water-repellent, chrome-tanned leather, including upholstery leather, garment leather and fancy leather, but it is especially recommended for shoe-upper leather. Densodrin HP is also a water repellent with a neutral smell. It possesses excellent lightfastness properties and is resistant to yellowing at high temperatures. It can substitute part of the natural fatliquors in non-waterproof applications. This environmentally friendly product has zero add-on of formaldehyde, APEO, AOX (organic halogen compounds) and solvents.

6. Lepton Enhancer CG: perfect beauty coat to upgrade low-quality crust

Lepton Enhancer CG is a unique, expandable and ready-to-use ‘beauty coat’ for application on full-grain leather. When applied, it upgrades low-quality crust leather with its excellent covering of grain defects, without impairing the natural character of the crust leather. Lepton Enhancer CG covers the surface with a homogeneous coat without overloading the grain and retains the softness of the crust leather. It is recommended for all types of corrected grain leather made from low-quality raw material, particularly for automotive and upholstery leather. It can also be used for the upper leather of shoes. This ecological product is formulated with zero add-on of NMP, NEP, formaldehyde, tributyl tin compounds and APEO.