Attendees of the AGM for the 107th annual Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC) were invited to discuss new ways of making the society relevant to the leather making industry in the modern era.

Initial ideas included changing the format of the conference to make an annual leather event in conjunction with other organisations, updating the society journal and website and attracting new members from outside the UK. The proposals will be debated by the SLTC council during the forthcoming year before being put before the wider membership. The annual SLTC conference and dinner/dance took place on September 11 at the De Vere University Arms hotel in Cambridge (see people page 109 for awards and council changes).

During the day, there were a number of interesting presentations with the Proctor memorial lecture presented by John Crowther, Swystem Logic. Crowther presented a lecture highlighting some of the newest mechanical and chemical technological advances which are available to the modern tanner. These included a reliable method of automatic and continuous measurement of pH during drumming operations and the latest microchip technology for tagging hides and skins from the slaughterhouse through to finished leather. Other presentations included Tannery Machinery of the Future by Steve Hodges, Delapre Machinery and Colour – Are you getting it right by Matthew Russell of colour measurement specialists, X-rite.

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