Türkiye is famous for fashion and quality in garments and doubleface in particular. Together with their Turkish agent GOS Kimya, Smit & Zoon have been able to introduce a wide range of fatliquors to suit the high requirements of the Turkish tanneries. A strong advantage of their fatliquors, compared to traditional suppliers, is their use in lower temperature water. Their range focuses on: softness, brilliancy, light weight, fullness, wring-effect and pleasant touch.

The range includes: Synthol PD 990 – electrolyte stable, good penetration and good distribution of other fatliqours; Synthol PX 993 – electrolyte stable fatliquor, giving softness and full leathers; Synthol MC – lightweight and deep inner softness; Synthol ZN – adds brilliancy, fullness and improves tear resistance; Synthol PZ – stabilizer and wetting back; Polyol HS 808 – brilliant surface and silky touch though remaining tightness. High concentrated liquid lecithin, thus easier to handle.

Polyol LDW – used in rechroming, giving inner softness, good touch and brilliant surface; Sulphirol EG 60 – lightweight, good penetration and softness still remaining tight; Sulphirol CF 177 – bi-sulfited non-smelling fish oil, giving softness, brilliant surface and light weight compared to existing fish oils.

Smit & Zoon are continuing their focus on intensifying relations with their customers and are dedicated to becoming a successful player in the doubleface market in Türkiye. Please contact their local agent GOS Kimya to be updated on the latest developments.