One single fatliquor is all you need to fatliquor your shoe and bag leather. Smit & Zoon have introduced Synthol UF 737, a single fatliquor to simplify your process. Conventional fatliquoring is often based on three or four fatliquors, where Synthol UF 737 can be used alone. The stage of mixing products of different compositions and emulsifying behaviour is much less critical when only Synthol UF 737 is applied. Synthol UF 737 helps make life in the tannery easier. In the end, Synthol UF 737 will lead to fewer mistakes. Using just one product makes logistics and handling on the factory floor more simple.

Synthol UF 737 is a versatile fatliquor for a wide range of bag and upper leathers. It is applied on neutralised stock for pre- and main fatliquoring. The degree of softness is adjusted by merely varying the percentage applied. Grain tightness and handle are uniform in all areas and neck wrinkles are flattened and less pronounced.