On December 10, 2004, more than 100 people representing a group of 50 tanneries joined in the technical seminar organised by Smit & Zoon in cooperation with their agent Behn Meyer Thailand. After the opening by the managing director of Behn Meyer, Mr Prasonk, Egbert Dikkers spoke about global trends. Pim Wilgenburg gave a presentation on wet-white in which he highlighted the differences with normal wet-blue as well as some specific technical recommendations based on S&Z experiences. In the Thai market, some tanneries are already producing wet-white (automotive) upholstery leather and several others are expected to follow suit. For both applications S&Z have solutions which they will be pleased to share with customers.

A further presentation dealt with waterproof leather, and participants were able to share their practical experiences in this field of leather making. The official presentations were followed by a buffet dinner and a bowling competition in a convivial atmosphere.