After a few years of intensive collaboration, two historical names in the leather chemical industry, SODA and Tanin International, have joined forces to create a brand new company. However, unlike most new companies, this one will already have a solid background through years of previous experience and the appreciation of hundreds of clients for their products.

At the beginning of January 2007, Tanin International and SODA Industriale Division became SODA Tanin, a company that aims at being among the most important members and recognised players in the world of chemicals for the tanning industry.

Tanin International, a well known French company, famous worldwide for their Chataignier France brand, with more than one hundred years of experience in the production and marketing of chestnut extracts and SODA Industriale Division, the first Italian company to produce fatliquors for the leather industry back in 1921, have joined their forces. Together they intend to fully exploit their potential with a synergetic effect beneficial for both themselves and their clients.

Over the past few years the field of activity of the two companies has widened from merely producing chestnut extracts and fatliquors to the current production and distribution of the entire range of chemicals used in wet-end processing.

The range is comprised of : Syntans, resins and auxiliaries (Sodatan range); Raw oils and oxidised, sulfited and sulfonated fatliquors based on synthetic and natural raw materials (Biodermin, Rivoil, Sodoil, Lederin and Garboil ranges); Vegetable extracts such as chestnut extracts (Chataignier France brand); Quebracho extracts (Solpuma brand); Mimosa extracts (Tanwat brand); Tara powder.

At the head of the company, whose offices, laboratories and production plant are based in Italy, Jacques Bobillon; sales manager Massimo Scabbia and an experienced team of technicians are at disposal of SODA Tanin present and future clients.