Super Zenit Evolution splitting
The latest version of Mosconi’s Super Zenit range of splitting machines, the Evolution features a new head and greater splitting accuracy. Made from a single beam of heat-stabilised cast iron the new head design helps to stabilise the thickness of hides being passed through the machine during splitting. The thickness of the split can also be controlled by altering the rollers from a digital display down to one hundredth of a centimetre.
Super Zenit Evolution is available in four working widths of 3000, 3200, 3250 and 3300mm and is suitable for lime and wet-blue splitting operations.
As optional extras the Super Zenit Evolution comes with a stainless steel belt for a lateral outward feed of the split and a built-in grain-split extractor for lime splitting. For wet-blue leathers the machine can be fitted with a side or butt split outlet belt as well as a dust extraction unit.

Aster 1800 / 3000 shaving machine
Special attention has been given to the main beam and sharpening unit with the latest Aster shaving machine from Mosconi. The machine is equipped with a modern touch screen with interactive controls. The main beam is made from a heat treated block which has been stress tested to provide a stable foundation for consistent shaving without vibrations.
A patented fixed knife cylinder and beam system has allowed Mosconi to devise method of retaining an even pressure on the rubber roller during shaving. This allows a more constant pressure, which reduces damage on the blade tips and ensures excellent operator safety as the guard barrier moves in total synchrony with shaving mechanism.
Aster 1800 is available in two working widths of 1800 and 2200mm while the Aster 3000 has widths of 2500, 3000 and 3200mm for full hides.