Local residents claim that there are odours, which they allege, emanate from the tannery, which are causing residents to feel dizzy or nauseous.
However, SRL were recently inspected and environmentally audited as part of the Leather Working Group (LWG) and the tannery was awarded silver status. SRL, ceo, Robert Moore told Leather International the following: ‘I have committed that SRL will operate without any of the occasional smell issues outside our plant raised by local residents. I told the LWG that SRL is addressing their concerns in an open, direct and will partner with local residents and environmental groups on this matter. I also told the group (LWG) on September 23 that we believe that many of their complaints stem from other plants in the district, and by partnering together with locals; we can identify the source of their complaints. The strong ‘middle of the night’ smell quoted in the press article is not coming from SRL and I am setting out to resolve this. The SCMP has agreed to join me in my quest.’
SRL have invited concerned residents and activists into the plant. They toured the factory at the end of September and said they welcomed the initiatives but were waiting for actions to match the words.