Tanmac, part of the Bergi Group from Italy, have introduced two new tannery machines. They include an automatic stacker for whole hides and a new spray finishing cabinet.

Automatic stacker

The new conveyor and stacker has been specifically designed for upholstery tanners. Two operatives place hides neck first onto the conveyor, which then automatically folds the hide and places it on a horse. The Tanmac system is able to collect ten or more hides together and with a table underneath the machine is able to pile or fold the hides perfectly. The machine has a working width of 3.2-3.4m and the length is fully ajustable to suit the tannery and the leather type. The height and the length are also fully adjustable.

Spray cabinet

The new spray cabinet from Tanmac is different from other models on the market as it able to work at low pressures. The size of the cabinet can be tailor made to suit the application and a 0.8m (working width) model is available for small skins or pilot plant trials. It is able to spray finish leathers at pressures between 0.2-0.7 bar. Thus far the new machine has been in operation in two tanneries in Arzignano.

The unit can be fitted with multiples of 8, 12 or 16 spray guns all with their own electrical circuits. Therefore, it is possible to spray different colours or finishes from different guns simultaneously to achieve various effects. Each gun also has its own automatic cleaning system, which cuts down on waste and saves money in effluent charges.

Tanmac’s spray cabinet is manufactured from stainless steel and according to the manufacturers’ calculations up to 16% cost savings can be made on chemical products.