Corilene HLG is highly recommended for fatliquoring doublefaced leathers at all stages of production either alone or in combination with Corilene SIT. It may also be used for brush fatliquoring of exotic skins. Other invaluable uses include the wetting back of crust leather, the improvement of buffing properties and the production of excellent non-greasy lustre effects on suede. The result in all leather and doubleface applications is a beautiful soft, mild elastic handle.
Another particularly valuable benefit is the use of Corilene HLG as a stabiliser both in unstable fatliquor mixtures to stimulate through fatliquoring and on a wide variety of hides and skins in the pickling and chrome tanning bath where its very good acid and electrolyte stability creates uniform and deep softness.
Developing this idea still further, Stahl has gone on to produce an invaluable fog-optimised version, Corilene SLG. Its main use is in pickling when it disperses natural grease, especially when applied to greasy hides or heavy skins; and for something rather different, it is also strongly recommended for use on New Zealand sheepskins. Other uses include doubleface production in tanning baths and for ensuring even chrome dispersion and uniform softness throughout the skins.
Corilene SLG is, therefore, an important product for not only dispersing natural grease but also binding on the fibre to give a deep softness while at the same time preventing spew formation which can seriously spoil the look of hides and skins.
If outstanding softness with a pleasant waxy touch is required, then Corilene SIT is a possibility. It is ideal for use on leather destined for high quality furniture, for garments and for gloves where it will produce delightful softly milled leather with a highly uniform grain, or where it can be used in the production of superb shoe suede leather.
Stability of the product in almost all tannery environments, especially typical salt concentrations and hard water, is a valuable asset. So too is its ability to be used either as a sole fatliquor for achieving deep penetration and good absorption or for using in combination with other Corilene products.
A further development of this line of thought is Corilene FM-SIT, a fog-optimised version with comparable properties but offering low fogging values. Corilene FM-SIT can be used as a sole fatliquor for chrome and chrome-free automobile leathers when it ensures excellent softness, superb fullness and a round, waxy handle.
Pastel and white colours are always a problem and Corilene KW may be the answer to avoiding heat yellowing and other lightfastness problems. Here is a product well suited to the production of white or lightly coloured upholstery, automobile, glove and garment leathers. It is also recommended for producing softy upper leathers and sport shoes.
The last in the new series is Corilene WSL, the ideal softener for internal soft, special lightweight leather and for creating a real improvement in tear strength. Corilene WSL makes hard natured grains such as goat and buffalo much softer particularly when used early in the manufacturing process, for instance when pickling, tanning, re-chroming and neutralising.
Corilene WSL will be used, often in combination with other fatliquors, in the production of leather for garments, gloves and upholstery, especially when deodorising is an important requirement.
Stahl’s introduction of these six new Corilene fatliquors is expected to improve production of very soft leathers. Acting as a family they give the tanner a great opportunity for selecting the truly best product for the application.