The Stahl display at this year’s Fimec in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, will present an opportunity to see not only finished leathers but also how those leathers look when they are turned into shoes, garments, upholstery or leathergoods. The presentation will include many examples of shoes and leathergoods as well as upholstery and clothing made from leather included in the finished leather collection. The selection of colours for these and for the leathers in the show will be based on Stahl’s Fashion Colour Forecast for Spring and Summer 2005. The display will also include the most important finishing ideas that have been created since Tanning Tech in November 2003 and will be based on the colours and effects that were considered to be the most important at that time. These have been adjusted to meet local customer needs in South and Central America and to en-hance the raw materials available locally in this area.

New products to be introduced will be aimed at the ever important requirement to upgrade raw ma-terials so that they will look good, perform well and sell profitably. New cationic products, roller coat and hand applied ‘Stucco-like’ fillers and compact finishes for footwear, leathergoods and up-holstery will feature strongly in the display. Also to be included will be the new aqueous top coats which are mainly for upholstery applications, auxiliaries such as flock, oil pull-ups and waxy fillers, all of which can be used to assist in upgrading. Most of the leathers will be processed with Stahl wet-end polymers, syntans, auxiliaries and dyeing products, and also including the new Salem oils that have been recently added to the international range. These products are able to produce leathers have a really exciting appearance and surface feel.

Stahl – Pavilion 2, Row 6, Stand numbers 2092/2094/2096