Using the expertise of local staff at Stahl Brasil, the display at FIMEC 2003 will transform a worldwide dimension of creativity into a display that will be of special interest to tanneries throughout South America. Colours used in the finishes will range across the whole of the year from autumn 2003 into summer 2004 and this will be the first opportunity of seeing the new colours for spring and summer 2004 in Brazil.

Almost the whole display will be created using wet-end, dyeing and finishing products available from Stahl Brasil on local hides to give a truly local feel.

The new colours for spring and summer 2004 will range from soft pinks and mauves in the Eau de Rose collection through nature’s brighter but still soft pinks, blues, yellows and greens for traditional and modern ‘Tang’ looks to the Gesture of clean whites and pale greys and blues and the deeper, brighter sunshine colours of summer shown off in blues, cerise, violets, purples, plums and ochre.

The display will consist of over fifty finishes divided into four areas covering shoe and leathergoods, upholstery, garments and new fashion ideas.

Perhaps the most important factor governing the finishing of leather in South America is the need for upgrading on lower selection hides. Much of Stahl’s display will show how this can achieved using local products. Visitors will see upgrading produced with stucco techniques using both spatula and non-buffing applications and also an innovative system based on a new compact finish with unique plating properties by which the surface of the leather is completely sealed.

Other new compact finishes will also feature in top coats for upholstery and in economy finishes.

Stahl wet-end and dyeing products will be used at the retanning, fatliquoring and dyeing stages of the leathers in the display and in some cases these will be enhanced with the use of products brought into the Stahl range as a result of the recent acquisition of Salem Oil & Grease.