The poster features a blonde woman dressed in a bright yellow scarf and shoes, red blouse and purple leggings that will brighten any environment. Stahl have released a series of colour swatches, grouped under six colour groups.

These colour groups are repeated in the colour forecast booklet, which leads with Alan Kay’s quotation ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’. This idea is demonstrated throughout the booklet which uses a fascinating and extensive selection of photographs to illustrate the thoughts behind each grouping.

This year the colour selection covers the whole spectrum. Almost any colour in the rainbow can be found somewhere, even it is toned down a little for winter. There are even one or two metallic shades to brighten fashions.

The range of colours in this forecast is so varied that there has to be something for everyone. Stahl hope that the cheerful colours will help to put the present economic problems behind us and provide something for the high street to call us back into the shops? Hopefully these are the colours to attract the customers.