Stahl’s display at this year’s Tanning Tech will represent a challenge of diversity, breaking away as it will from stereotypical designs and materials. The theme on which the display will be based is ‘Metamorphosis of Light’.

Six colour groups will be used in a display that emphasises the softness of leather and how it can be used in the creation of new ideas for shoes, leathergoods, garments and upholstery. The collection of finished leathers will be complemented with finished products that will show a variety of end uses for which the leathers have been designed.

In recent years, Stahl have surprised visitors to the display with a ‘Hot Item’, prepared almost at the last minute and based on the very latest news in the colour and fashion world. This year is to be no exception! Up to the minute innovation is assured by converting the luxury and tradition of the colours depicted in the ‘Light Embellishes’ group into exclusivity. A palette of greyish tones will compete with refined colours such as soft bordeaux and creamy salmon to give a subtle twist to classical tones creating elegance without ambition.

The remaining five main colour groups have at their heart the colours tones that are forecast for autumn and winter 2004/2005. ‘Sheltered Soft Rays’ show how ‘Light Softens’ when leather is coloured in dove greys, powder pinks, faux nude beige tones, pastel frosted lilacs and soft mole tinted whites. It will be the look of sporty, luxury leather, bringing a feeling of casualness and infusing strength into softness.

Still in the realm of luxury, ‘Performing Mineral Gleams’ brings the techno look into extravagance and an active look in the field of couture. ‘Light Sparkles’ in the provocative colours of crystalline minerals in light to medium tones and neutrals. Cool colours include translucent blue, palest greens, silvery beiges and greys.

Bringing dynamism into class and rebellion into seduction will be the ‘Allure Silky Shades’ styled for evening wear. ‘Light Seduces’ through whispers of colour and light reflective transparencies that are absolutely feminine in appearance. Unique colour combinations range from faux-nude through shimmering to light bright.

Moving from evening to day time, ‘Motion Saturated Beams’ will bring the sporty look into day wear and function into fashion. Active sporty influences arise as ‘Light Energizes’ with strong, intense and deep shades in a more monochromatic way. City nights and urban wastelands provide the inspirations for expressive, rebellious and ironic colours.

Still with a feeling of casualness in luxury, ‘Reinventing Soft Rays’ will again emphasise softness in helping to meet a demand for homely cosiness. ‘Light Consumes’ is a kaleidoscope of colours and style working in combination with each other. Mixture will be of far more importance than any single idea. Fashion looks towards handcrafted and homespun designs and ideas.

Throughout all the display, Stahl will be using new technologies for upgrading to create quality and performance in addition to the softness required by today’s customers. New products will include the ‘Easycat’ complete cationic finishing system and a range of new water-borne AWS (All Water System) top coats. Other new products will be formulated to produce the latest fashion requirements. They will include products from the existing range that have been upgraded to meet the latest SHE health and safety requirements. There will be new low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) lacquers, solvent free top coats, new oils and waxes, new blowing agents such as Nubucato, new water repellents, a new brush-off wax and new acrylic base coats.

It will be a thought provoking display that links fashion and consciousness whilst keeping in mind the procedures and low inventory requirements of today’s tanners.