Taddei & Manzi & CSPA, Stahl’s leather finish distributors in Tuscany, Italy, are to begin distributing wet end and dye products.

In addition to the full range of leather finishing products, Taddei & Manzi will now be distributing a range of powder and liquid dyes, of which the Francolor dyes were the first ever dyes to be introduced to tanners in the area. The portfolio also includes a wide range of leather processing products including the latest Corilene CPF family.

Taddei & Manzi have a long association with Stahl, having distributed leather finishing products for over 25 years, and more recently updating their application laboratories with assistance from Stahl. Both companies have a long history of experience of leather processing and world class dyeing and this added association will benefit tanners in the Tuscany region.

With a good knowledge of the market and the needs of their customers, Taddei & Manzi are well-respected partners in developing new fashion articles and have an excellent reputation for prompt service and creativity.

Like all Stahl products, the wet end, dyeing and leather finish products have all been developed to comply with the most advanced environmental, health and safety legislation throughout the world. They are carefully formulated to have the most minimal effect on the environment that is possible.

Stahl customers in the Tuscany region of Italy can contact Taddei & Mansi & CSPA at Via F Magellano, 11-13, I-56029 S Croce/S Arno, Italy; tel: +390 571 366591; fax: +390 571 33639.