The leather finish collection will be based for the most part on the guidelines in the Stahl Trend Book for autumn and winter 2007 – 2008 with a number of ideas contributed from the proposed spring and summer 2008 collection.
A video presentation based on the Trend Book themes will provide a continuous explanation of the spring and summer concepts and how they will form the basis of producing the season’s fashionable leathers. Although most of the collection will focus on shoe upper leathers, there will also be a significant display of finishes for upholstery and garment leathers. Much of the collection will be made by Stahl Brasil.
Finishing products to be featured will include new oil/white waxes and a group of products specially developed for creating a ‘bubble’ effect. Other fashion finishes will be shown on sporty, leisure, classic and lifestyle articles and will include those created using Salem oils for various pull-up effects and water resistant applications.
For the wet-end, products used will include new oils that promote softness with drum pull-ups, a range of syntans and auxiliaries for super soft leathers that retain a high level of grain tightness.
The stand will be decorated with a worldwide collection of footwear, leathergoods and other finished articles aimed at providing visitors with ideas on how the finishes on display will be used in a range of fashionable products.