Visitors will be able to see leathers which meet the needs of the rapidly growing domestic fashion scene in India as well as looking towards Indian tanners and shoe makers’ traditional export markets.

Fashion is at the heart of the display. With input from Stahl’s Fashion and Design Studios in Italy, the leathers will all be made in Stahl’s laboratories in India by local technicians using products available in India.

Today’s fashion, looking to spring and summer 2013, will step back from traditional finishes to feature waxed, oiled, tumbled leathers with subtle two tones and gloss. Natural very high gloss vegetable character and tumbled leathers will feature strongly, as will snowy white waxy, repolishable ‘reactive leathers’.

There will be many very natural, ultra-soft finishes made with Stahl’s (BM) Beauty Maker range of products. In this section, upgrading is the key theme, without sacrificing physical properties.

The technical side of leather production is not forgotten. There will be examples of all types of high performance leathers that have been sourced and processed through wet-end, dyeing, finishing and shoe finishing in Stahl India’s laboratories. Leather from other parts of the world will enable comparisons to be made. Most of the products used in processing and finishing will have been manufactured at Stahl’s plant in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.

Hall 2, stand 05-B