Stahl de Mexico have recently expanded their applications laboratory facilities with a new colours and tanning products laboratory at their branch in Léon, Guanajuato, and this will benefit customers in the northern areas of the country.

Supplementing the facilities at Stahl de Mexico’s headquarters in Toluca, the new laboratory expands the capabilities for providing assistance to customers in Stahl’s wet-end and dye products in South America.

In keeping with tradition, the official opening, including a blessing from local priest Fr Gonzalo Galvan, was the beginning of an evening during which Stahl de Mexico’s customers in attendance were able to see the new equipment that has been installed. This includes four developing drums, colour matching equipment and specialised equipment for the production of chromatic triangles. They were also shown all the latest product developments including a new range of oils made in Mexico and designated Corilene FSU-M, FSF-M, FSL-M and FSC-M.