For summer 2007, Stahl predict that there is unlikely to be one single strong trend. Instead several colour groups will feature equally. However, there will be greater confidence in the use of colour, a trend that will become increasingly recognisable as the season approaches.

The key to using all five groups of colours will be ‘Over Layering’ and finishing to produce the necessary innovation. Stahl’s predictions provide interesting groups of colours to choose from and to combine. Colour looks as though it will add coolness to the heat of summer ranging from the gentlest of pastels through to dark browns, dark blues and blacks.

The first group, representing the ‘Return of Artificial and Technical Mood’ is a group of cool pastels ranging from an almost white shade, through creams, pale violets and salmon pinks to pale spring-like green. This is a meditation on balanced modernity and provides simple colours for rational designs for avant-garde day wear.

Following on the modern theme, the group of ‘Natural Modernise’ colours head for the natural tones, mainly greys and ochres but all deeper in tone than the previous group. These represent the inner soul of nature and provide a series of raw authentic tints for the sturdy casual look.

Even deeper shades are to be found in ‘Highlights in Darkness’. From ochres and browns they move to a range of blues, some shades being reminiscent of navy blue. These shades are intended for use by modern graphic and shine to seduce party-goers with a group of strong, rich colours. This is a world of style enriched by ‘Luxus’.

So far hues have been modern or natural. The next group, ‘Textural Sensation’, looks towards a world of femininity with natural tones providing elegance for the wearer. Again, shades are dark but they cover a wider spectrum through ochres, browns, tans, greens, dark blues and blacks. This is the world of luxury, yet remains feminine and natural.

The final colour group is definitely for the energetic, for the sports enthusiast. ‘Activeness and Fantasy Mix’ is a group of lilac, paler ochres, deeper pinks and blues that provide the dayglow effect for energising sportswear. And they also provide more than a wink of an eye to the future.

Overall this is a pallette that will provide fashion for men and women from all parts of the world. This is an opportunity for fashion to highlight any colour of skin with interesting toning or contrasting shades that harmonise to give an elegant costumed look.