Enthusiasm from Staff and customers who have worked with the system is such that "Beautymaker" is believed to be an important breakthrough in leather finishing providing Stahl with an authoritative lead in upgrading leather for shoes, leathergoods and clothing.
Everybody knows that the main problem which the tannery has is that of what to do with the high proportion of hides and skins having low grade selection which makes them difficult to make into high value articles having good cutting value.
"Beautymaker" is a unique finishing concept incorporating a full range of seventeen products and a range of pigments which is new and innovative, aimed at upgrading leather by masking typical damage to the grain surface that so often remains visible after tanning. In doing so, its use means that leather will not become firm nor will it look "overfinished". In fact, using the new Stahl concept produces finished leather which is elegant and superior, retaining a very natural character and look and having a softer feel.
What makes "Beautymaker" products different is the fact that they are amphoteric which means that they may be mixed easily with either anionic or cationic finishing products to produce superior finishes. This is a major advantage when formulating the products to suit individual leathers.
The degree of upgrading which may be achieved is outstanding when considering that the finished leathers remain natural in appearance and retain a soft feel.
The pigments in the range are highly concentrated and brilliant in colour and are economical in use. Their high strength produces a very high level of coverage and brilliance.
The result of these outstanding benefits is that by applying only small quantities of finish the appearance of the leather becomes more uniform and the grain break is retained to provide an improvement in selection and value. This "new to the world" concept has its own brand name, its own BM code prefix in the product description, special labels on the packaging and each product has been developed to have its own specific smell.
Stahl is proud to present "Beautymaker" to its customers all over the world. Staff and distributors have been trained to enable them to advise customer about the use of the products and their application on local leathers. They also know the ease with which formulations can be made and the high quality results that are achieved in meeting market needs.
All the products in the range are eco friendly and comply with the latest European Union health and safety legislation.