Tanners in South America have always recognised the importance of FIMEC as a fashion show helping them to preview fashions for the coming seasons. This year, Stahl Brasil have gone a step further by taking much of their display to customers in Argentina and Brazil, including those areas which are distant from Fimec. The location of most of these areas is such that it is difficult for customers to travel to Novo Hamburgo to see the show itself, and this preview of Stahl’s display will be a great benefit to them.

The touring Road Show will cross both countries, starting in Buenos Aires and visiting other major leather manufacturing areas in Novo Hamburgo (Rio Grande del Sul), Franca (São Paulo), Fortaleza (Ceara), and Juazeiro (Bahia). Attendance at each show is expected to be between 50 and 150 customers.

Fashion presentations will be made by John Schoemans, Stahl Europe’s fashion expert in Waalwijk, Holland. He will be using colours for the finishes that are based on Stahl’s Colour Forecasts for autumn/winter 2006/2007 supplemented by the forecast for summer 2007. Shades and tones are modified to suit South American markets. Finished leathers on display will be aimed at shoe upper, leathergoods, garment and upholstery markets with an added benefit that each will have a variety of end uses.

The palette of colours and the range of finishing effects will look forward to fashions for men and women with particular emphasis on the culture of countries in South America. This is an area of the world where the summer 2007 forecast will be highly valued through its ability to highlight any colour of skin with interesting toning or contrasting shades that combine to give an elegant look.