Stahl’s Design Studio has divided the colours into six quite distinct groups, each of which can be combined to provide a strong palette of colours for a time of year largely spent with indoor pursuits where these colours will be perfectly suited.
‘Assuring Heritage’ explores dark colours often to be seen in mediaeval costume drama. Dark browns, dark plums, dark greens and bright gold provide a reminder of European royal courts especially when combined with later colour groups. Drama, luxury and sophistication make these colours suitable for young and modern looking with a feel for the past.
‘Ambitious Sobriety’ uses dark blue and dark brown to contrast with a rainy day grey to provide a reminder of winter skies as the days grow darker and rain and snow threaten countryside and town alike. Sombre the colours may be but there is also a feeling of deep strength in the face of winter. Snow, ice and frost are the thoughts in mind as these colours move across the eastern border beyond East Berlin and into Eastern Europe.
The next group brings in the cheer that also forms a part of winter as parties and festivities are celebrated. ‘Being the Fabulous’ suggests fabulous bright colours for all those glamour occasions when something cheerful is the order of the day, or more likely evening. Not pastels and yet not deep colours, greys, rose, clay, green and barberry not only draw from nature but also have an air of mistiness that contributes to their individuality. Vienna comes to mind as the colours reflect frozen surfaces and the theatre and ballroom.
Take away the mistiness and colours move into ‘Artisan Richness’. They range across tan, grey, black and plum, echoing the tones of other colour groups having slightly lighter shades. Here are reflections of evenings spent around the camp fires during the long trek to the unknown west.
For all-round depth of bright colours, the ‘Warrior Temper’ provides yet another contrast with blue-green, purple, red, stone and dark green all calling for attention. The colours are saturated. The striking dark extravagant colours reflect a feeling of tribalism and the authentic orient.
Finally the ‘Unexpected Poetry’ is a world of really dark, almost black tones. Are they blue, black, grey or brown? It is hard to tell. Hypnotic effects in colours that remind the senses of long dark evenings combine magical and dandy styles with Victorian influences in fusions of colours for both masculine and feminine senses of elegant dress.
In its totality, here is an exciting and dramatic selection of fashion colours for the inventive designer to work with in preparation for the autumn/winter season which is so important for all articles made from leather.