Throughout the booklet, leather samples are combined with illustrations to show the reader how colours, textures and surface effects will be used across Stahl’s six groups of colour. These are the same colours that were presented and fully illustrated in the earlier poster and colour forecast booklet. There is an immediate relationship between colour predictions, surfaces and effects brought about by using the latest technology to create both colour and appearance.

Whilst the colours are drawn from Stahl’s colour groups, ‘For your eyes only’, ‘Creation’, ‘Out of the ordinary’, ‘Iper couture’, ‘Simple in purity’ and ‘Hybrid environment’, the emphasis of this booklet is on the creative effects shown on the large leather samples attached to every page.

There is also a recognition that customers need to know what type of leather they are looking at. At the beginning of the booklet, every colour is named and alongside the type of leather used for the sample is listed.