Spanish tannery machinery manufacturers, Poliesters Reforcats Ara, have upgraded their stainless steel tipping paddle. The MAB-X-TV range is available in a range of sizes with a capacity from 1,000, 3,000 or 5,000 litres.

The paddle has been designed for gently processing doubleface or farmed rabbit skins for any wet-end process. It is available in stainless steel and also polyester and incorporates a tipping mechanism for easy unloading.

The company have recently added a new automatic unloading programme and have added a new pump so that steam may be used to keep the process bath at a stable temperature. In addition, they have also upgraded the hydraulic system on the paddle and have replaced the frame holding the paddle. The new frame is made from stainless steel instead of iron.

The electronic panel features speed, temperature, voltage and tipping controls. The paddle can be controlled either automatically or manually.

Poliesters Reforcats Ara are a small family-owned company located approximately 25km from Barcelona. They also make polyester drainage horses, travelling carriages and flat travelling carriages for the tanning industry.