The international arm of Mexican leather chemical supplier, Stoever, have acquired the formerly named Pioneer Leather Finishing Plant in China. The new organisation has been named Stoever Wuxi China and is located in Wuxi close to Shanghai.

The deal is believed to be the first time a Mexican leather chemical company has established a self-owned manufacturing base on mainland China. ‘This acquisition will allow us to penetrate the Chinese tanning industry and better serve our existing customers’, says Bruno Schaffrath, president, Stoever Leather LLC.

Stoever Wuxi China will supply the whole range of leather chemicals to tanners throughout China and the 11,000 sq m building in Wuxi will be upgraded over the next two years. Leather chemicals will be manufactured on site. The new company will house production, administration, sales and marketing staff for the greater China market and will be headed by Jane Xu, president and ceo and Helmut Stricker, vice-president. Stricker has many years’ experience working within the Chinese tanning industry.

‘I believe in the way that Stoever operates’, says Xu. ‘They have good systems in place and a good range of products.’

Química Stoever was established in León, Mexico by Gerardo Stoever snr. They manufacture leather chemicals for the domestic market and also act as agents for leather chemical suppliers Münzing Chemie and Fenice.

Outside the domestic Mexican market, the company have established Stoever Leather which covers the international markets. The Chinese operation will form part of the international arm of Stoever.