Supercoat 3400 is manufactured by Incoma, part of the Bergi Group, and offers the tanner a multitude of adjustments. Designed for manufacturers of soft leathers, particularly garment or automotive and furniture upholstery, Supercoat 3400 has both reverse and syncro operations.

It can be used in the reverse mode for most applications and is particularly suited for finishing heavily pigmented or corrected leathers. The syncro option may be used for applying tipping effects. The machine has been designed to finish under greater pressure, therefore applying a more even and consistent coating to the leather.

The Incoma system operates with a more rigid roller system with a small amount of ‘play’ to let any hide defects pass through the rollercoater. The Supercoat 3400 leaves a constant level of finish on the hide with creases or defects.

Improved and patented feeding of the leather is allowed by means of a double spreading conveyor, which works in combination with a special feed-in device. Inserting the hides has been simplified by the inclusion of new ‘H’ type helical rollers and the contact area between the application roller and the rubber conveyor belt.

Incoma have also patented an ABS (anti-block system) to the Supercoat 3400 to ensure safety. ABS is capable of detecting any possible jamming of the leather between the application roller and the conveyor. In the event of a blockage, the system automatically opens both the application roller and the feed-in device on the lower belt. The leather then continues on its way without clogging up the machine.