The new moulded foot is based on a UK size four foot and considerably enhances the testing facility. Since introducing the comfort testing programme, it has been used continually to help manufacturers across the world develop footwear that remains dry and performs at a comfortable temperature.

By using a heated and ‘breathing’ foot form to simulate a realistic in-shoe environment, AMMT effectively creates a picture of how much sweat has been absorbed into each part of the footwear system and how much has permeated to the atmosphere. Based on the results, a manufacturer is better placed to make a decision on whether or not to make adjustments to footwear design and the materials used in production.

Satra’s comfort testing equipment has been using foot forms in UK sizes seven and nine to arrive at findings to cover most of the adult market; the new size four foot will allow clearer insight for product aimed at the children’s and part of the women’s market.

Data from testing can be used to monitor and improve sweat management and thermal properties in all types of footwear including sports, performance, outdoor and industrial, as well as everyday shoes. Satra also uses its own climate chambers for the testing of performance and comfort properties of footwear.