The plant in Alcover, Spain, that Cromogenia-Units acquired last year with a view to increasing the production of syntans for the leather industry is already in its final adjustment stage. An atomiser has been set up in the new plant, located 100km south of Barcelona, and has been in operation since last July.

This expansion of production capacity will enable Cromogenia-Units to achieve two important targets: 1) to give a prompt and effective service to customers and 2) to offer a greater variety of products, thanks to the use of new technologies.

Cromogenia have also recently developed a number of new products for the international tanning industry:

Color Fix JL is a product for the fixation of anionic dyestuffs and its cationic nature increases the intensity, the glossiness and the levelness of the colour while improving various resistances such as rubfastness.

When used at the end of the dyeing operation involving anionic dyestuffs, it improves the water, washing and sweatfastness.

When used before dyeing, as a pretreatment for very anionic leathers, or with low affinity, it obtains deep colours. Used in the final bath as a top dye, colours become deep and bright.

Crybond P-8 is an impregnation resin. It has an extremely fine particle size and is intended for full grain and corrected grain, as well as for natural finishes.

Unicryl C-240 is an all-purpose resin forming film that is soft and resistant and shows little stickiness. It does not swell the pores.

Compound NA-CAT is a cationic compound for under bottoming and for bottoms with excellent covering properties and a natural aspect.

Ceraubina 4045 special wax compound is for leathers in the crust state. It produces a matt bleaching effect, which becomes a dull gloss when polished.

Novolac 5501 water nitro-emulsion gives a natural aspect and glossiness, together with a dry feel. It offers excellent resistance to both dry and wet rubbing.

Novolac M-260 feel modifier is an aqueous emulsion of silicone that gives a soft, natural and slippery feel.

Ceraubina 4040 auxiliary binder is a mixture of natural and synthetic waxes designed as a special product for use on natural skins that are brushed in order to get a burnish effect.

Regel U-203-N thermoplastic binder is a dull modified polymer dispersion. A top coat for aqueous finishes.

Regel U-137-N thermoplastic binder is an aqueous aliphatic polyurethane micro dispersion. It provides a notably soft and also thermoplastic film.

Intrafin SM buffable binder is a special acrylic polymer and inorganic filler complex. Pre-bottom for corrected grain and low selection of leathers to cover imperfections improving the final classification.

Filler MCA is a modified, slightly cationic, dispersion of waxes and oils. It helps to minimise grain defect, loose grain and improves hold-up, filling, coverage and plate release properties if it used in pre-bottom coats of polished, plated and glazed finishing.