Spanish drum and automation specialists, Olcina Group, have introduced a semi-automated pH measuring station to be used with their new range of Olcina System Automation products. Olcina have also completed trials on their novel Cangilones design and the drums can now be used to process vegetable tanned leathers as well as wet-blue.

The new pH device tackles the well-known problem of manual pH probe handling which can lead to the damaging of the probe membrane. Using the automatic System-pH, the probe is transferred to the buffer solution and back again, via a washing position. The pH output data can be monitored and stored automatically as the System-pH is fully integrated into Olcina’s System Automation range.

The Cangilones drum has been proven during extensive trials as making major water and other environmental savings when producing wet-blue leathers. A full report of the Cangilones technology was published in Leather International by J C Karachov (November 2001, page 110).

Since publication of the article, Olcina have reported that the Cangilones technology can also be used on vegetable tanned leathers to obtain excellent results. Cangilones drums are already installed and are processing vegetable tanned materials. Trials have shown that they offer a similar performance as seen when producing wet-blue.