Tanac say they are the world’s biggest Mimosa vegetable extract producer and cultivate their own forests (70 million trees) which are certified under FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Tanac’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities in Brazil produce around 35,000 metric tonnes of Mimosa extract per year and the company are represented in more than 75 countries worldwide.

As usual, their commercial and technical team will be attending and this year the company will be highlighting the following tanning and retanning products: Weibull Roy: Acid and astringent extract ideal for sole leather processing, giving good weight yield and compaction. When used in the retannage of chrome leathers, fullness and tight and fine grain is obtained.

The product is highly suitable for waterproof leathers.

Macrospec C is designed to replace traditional phenol/naphthalene syntans and offers selective filling properties and good dispersion. A very soft end product is obtained.

Weibull CW is a special compound of syntan agents. It gives high filling properties and fast penetration as well as improving the dye’s intensity resulting in significant cost reduction.

Weibull VG liq is a compound of polymer-syntan and modified vegetable extracts which promotes fast, deep penetration of tanning materials which makes it highly suitable for use as a pre-tanning agent. Besides that, the reduced astringency ensures the excellent dispersion of retanning agents.

Macrospec TP is a modified vegetable extract with special properties developed for use in car and furniture upholstery as well as metal free leathers. It provides fast and deep penetration, resulting in the desired vegetable characteristics (embossing maintenance, fullness etc) as well as the necessary degree of softness. It has an excellent dispersion effect on colourants and other retanning agents when used in the retannage of mineral leathers, reducing even Cr VI formation. When used in metal free leathers, the product improves the leather’s resistance, showing a smooth and uniform grain after milling.

Macrospec L-70 is a polyphenolic retanning agent which provides excellent embossing properties, reducing elasticity. It also improves light and heatfastness. The product is especially suitable for automotive leathers.

Stand 1T01, Hall 1 (Brazilian pavilion)