The request was made on March 3 by the TTA Chairman, Onorato Garavaglia to the Minister for fisheries and Livestock Development, Dr David Mathayo. Garavaglia said exportation of raw materials put the local industries at risk of being closed.

Garavaglia, who is also the Managing Director of East Hides Tanzania Limited, Morogoro Tannery, said the government was losing more than TS1.5 billion ($9.4 million) annually due to exportation of hide because most of the exporters cheated on the payment of Government levy.

‘We are requesting the Government to effect an immediate ban on the export of raw hides and skins to promote and stimulate domestic investment,’ he said. He said if the country banned the exports local tanneries would buy all the skins available in the domestic market.

‘If there would be a ban the leather industries would expand immediately,’ he said.

Minister Mathayo said the ministry had already formed a monitoring committee composed of officials from the Livestock Ministry, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Part of the committee’s task would be to check on the exportation of skins to find out if there is any dishonesty. ‘Even if we decide to ban the export of unprocessed leather, the Government will set the price to protect the people,’ Mathayo said.