Tannin Corporation are pleased to announce the newest developments in their broad range of products for the retanning and fatliquoring stage of leather making. These developments are part of an ongoing effort to supply the leather industry the highest quality products to meet the most demanding specifications.

Lionsoft SN-873 is their newest natural based fatliquor which has been designed to offer the highest degree of softness while attaining a maximum amount of filling and roundness. This product is enhanced with modifiers, which give an excellent dry-soft, silky touch.

Due to its unique blend of natural products, the fixation to leather fibre is enhanced, thus yielding softer results with lower product offers. This in turn leads to fulfillment of the most rigid demands such as fastness properties, fogging, and COD limits.

Lionsoft SN-873 is recommended for all leathers requiring softness without high density. The excellent fastness properties achieved make Lionsoft SN-873 an excellent choice for performance leathers such as automotive upholstery.

Lioncat CF-88 is the newest in their line of stuffing compounds and is designed for use in the production of heavy weight shoe upper leathers. It imparts excellent filling internally as well as within the grain layer, yielding a round feel with good stand up. Due to its blend of waxes, Lioncat CF-88 uniquely prepares semi-stuffed crust leathers for future oiling and finishing procedures. Lioncat CF-88 is designed to give a more level surface and better colour value.

In addition, Lioncat CF-88 can be utilised in lighter weight leathers to produce a drum pull-up effect on furniture upholstery and aids in preparing the crust for later operations if necessary.

Lionfill WS is their newest filler. Lionfill WS is a liquid/gel type filler based on high offers of protein. Due to its unique renewable raw material, the Lionfill WS is highly recommended for use in filling of chrome-free leathers.

Lionfill WS contains no chrome compounds or aldehydes, thus is suitable for the highest specification demands of the automotive upholstery industry. It produces selectively filled leather, thus greatly enhancing cutting yields.