Cognis launched six new leather chemical products during the Tanning Tech fair. They include a retanning agent, a drying compound, two fatliquors and two soaking agents.

Drasil AMP is a new retanning agent based on a pseudo-amphoteric acrylic polymer. It gives excellent dye intensity, which they say is better than the usual acrylic retanning agents. It improves the dye penetration, has good filling properties without changing the chrome tanned character and produces a tight grain. Drasil AMP is particularly useful when leathers with a short and fine nap, such as suede, are required.

Lederolinor Wet (WF1 4003) is a special blend of natural and synthetic humidity attracting compounds. They enhance the level of humidity and provide a good touch. Lederolinor Wet is highly recommended for fast drying systems and is especially useful for drying the flesh side.

Pellasan ASP is a fish oil free upholstery fatliquoring agent, which produces very soft articles even after wet toggling. Thanks to its chemical composition, it provides the leather with high light, heat and tropical test fastness. Suitable radical captures make available articles with low ageing characteristics.

Perdol BSM is a combination soaking agent with biocide activity. It is based on special complex active esters and APG. The high soaking effect gives good cleaning of dirt, blood, hair from hides and skins and it also has a slight degreasing and emulsifying effect on residual fat.

Perdol VEL is a special multicomponent soaking agent based on soaking enzymes, sharpening agents and surfactants. It gives an efficient and rapid soaking with excellent cleaning properties by special lipoactive and surfactant mixtures.

Lederolinor 4004 (WF1 4004/3) is a fatliquor blend of natural and synthetic neutral compounds. It has been designed as a fatliquor for doubleface leathers with excellent softness and a humid touch. It has been especially developed for the improvement of physical fastness on doubleface. It is able to avoid darkening on skins processed with an intermediate drying system.