Tanning Tech 2012 will focus on technological innovation with the development of a more environmentally sustainable production system alleviate the contribution of climate change linked to the exploitation of fossil fuels.

In recent years, the concept of sustainability has become a focus with the impact production technology has on the environment. At the worlds leading tannery machinery show, Tanning Tech 2012, will bring emerging tannery technology that combines production requirements with a lower environmental loading.

Use of natural resources and the environmental impact of processing require technological solutions that will be displayed at Tanning Tech and aimed at addressing specific tannery problems such as:

  • Water (bath recycling methods, optimum water consumption etc.)
  • Air (extraction, volatile substance collection etc.)
  • Solids (sorting and recycling etc.)

Simac & Tanning Tech 2012 take place alongside the Lineapelle show at the Bologna Fiere, October 9-11. Tanning Tech is organised by the Italian Footwear and Tannery Machinery Manufacturers Association (Assomac).