In April 2023, GE.MA.TA, a leading company in the world for the supply of industrial machinery for the finishing of leather, fabrics and glass, completed the acquisition of the majority of COS.T.A.

The acquisition aims to increase the value that the two companies already bring to the market in terms of technological skills, innovative solutions, and service and assistance in the sectors in which they operate, in particular the finishing and ennobling of leathers and technical fabrics. The new asset will benefit GE.MA.TA. and COS.T.A. customers from the point of view of innovation, sustainability and after-sales service.

“The company has pushed hard to develop finishes with water-based polyurethanes that were unthinkable up until about ten years ago.”

COS.T.A. has always been committed to the development of cutting-edge, performing and reliable technologies, and over the years the company has filed several patents and presented many highly successful solutions.

A great innovation is the new leather finishing process on water-based material with silicone matrices that is intended above all for the automotive sector, with performances in accordance with the specifications of the best brands in the sector.

Sustainable approaches

The latest solution presented by the company concerns the finishing of the whole leather with a green approach using a fully recyclable protective film, instead of release paper, thus solving the problems of disposing of the paper and adhesive used to clean it – as happens with traditional transfer lines. The new line allows the continuous finishing of leathers with a height of 3200mm and with a film that can be completely regenerated after use. In addition, it allows for maximum customisation of the design since the latter depends on the engraving on the cylinder.

The line has been in production for a few months on two shifts and at a speed of 13.5 meters-per-minute, at a leading company in the automotive sector for the finishing of leathers with a height of 3,200 mm.

For COS.T.A., competitiveness goes hand in hand with respect for the environment and protection of the health of consumers and workers. From this point of view, the company has pushed hard to develop finishes with water-based polyurethanes that were unthinkable up until about ten years ago. Major groups have shared this path and have been rewarded by the market. This has made it possible to contribute to the truly substantial reduction in pollution levels recorded over the last ten years: a satisfactory result for the company that in any case is continuing to work to improve the performance of its plants by promoting an increasingly sustainable efficiency.

The company will be present at Simac Tanning Tech conference in pavilion 18, stand K19 K29.