DuPont have introduced Teflon Leather Protector, using their ‘fluorotelomer’ technology which provides leather products with a durable, long-lasting repellence to water, oil and dry soil without changing the appearance, feel, or smell. Leather and suede footwear, apparel and accessories treated with Teflon Leather Protector also remain breathable.

Teflon Leather Protector is manufactured and sold as a stable anionic fluoropolymer dispersion, and is applied to leather at the tannery or finisher where the leather is made. DuPont’s Teflon formulation can be applied by drum or spray treatment to all types of leather to repel water, oil and dry soil.

While many stain resistant products merely provide a surface coating for leather, Teflon works on the molecular level to protect the leather, forming an invisible barrier that guards leather against spills and soiling. The protective qualities of Teflon Leather Protector make liquids bead up and roll off the leather’s surface and enable spills to be blotted up quickly. Many types of leather can be retanned, dyed, fatliquored, and successfully treated with Teflon Leather Protector.

DuPont is marketing Teflon Leather Protector as a consumer brand, similar in many ways to the Teflon Stain Protection programme successfully introduced for premium apparel and furnishings. Strict DuPont quality standards ensure that leather products have been treated properly and tested before qualifying for the silver retail hang tag, the Teflon symbol of quality.