Italian machinery company Teseo have unveiled their latest automatic leather cutting system after a continuous process of research and development over the last seven years. The FC4 400 has a working width of 4,000 x 1,200mm and has a speed of 120cm/second. Other features include a sectorised vacuum surface with embedded vacuum pump. The five tool micro-processor head incorporates a pen, two punchers, a blade, and a marker for cutting, writing, marking and punching, enabling the user to obtain maximum leather yield.

Templates are placed on top of the leather and the machine guides itself automatically over the templates, cutting around them accordingly. The FC4 400 is supplied with a Meti software license for automatic and assisted placement and order management. The user friendly machine does not need a qualified operator and does the work of five people cutting by hand, with a capacity of 70 jackets per working day or 600 pairs of shoes. It can be automatic or manually controlled and offers efficiency as well as precision. The version which was on show at Pielespaña has two cutters which can be used on all types of leather and of any thickness. The standard version is supplied with one cutter. The cutting table is also available as the FC4 540 model for use with larger skins with a larger working width of 5,400 x 1,400mm.