Tex Biosciences (P) Limited (formerly known as Textan Chemicals (P) Limited), were the first biotech company in India to come out with a proven technology to replace sodium sulfide in the unhairing process with their product Ezyme-A.

Tex Biosciences are an ISO-9001-2000 biotechnology based company founded in 1976 to cater to the needs of the leather industry in India. They concentrate on core strength biotechnology to produce high quality, eco-friendly enzymes for the leather, textile, feed, detergent, paper and pharmaceutical industries. Tex Biosciences see themselves as global players in the field of both feed and leather enzymes.

The following range of Textan enzymes are popular through out the world. Freesoak (soaking enzyme); Microdep C (eco-friendly unhairing enzyme); Ezyme-A (100% sulfide/lime free unhairing enzyme); Microbates (versatile alkali bate); Microbate R Con (concentrated alkali bate); Microbate AB (acid bating enzyme); Texzyme UT (an anti wrinkle enzyme) and Texzyme HS (a unique cocktail enzyme for upholstery leathers).