Texon International report that business within Asia is continuing to thrive. During the last ten years the company have opened two manufacturing plants in Foshan, China, where they produce their own well-known brands of footwear materials.

The non-woven factory is also dedicated to the production of specially developed recyclable materials such as Formo(tm) ReForm(tm) recyclable counter materials and will shortly be producing recyclable filmic toe puffs.

Richard Tucker, Texon Asia marketing general manager, commented: ‘We continue to be committed, now as always, to our growth within Asia and to increasing our range of environmentally friendly products. We have an

experienced sales force and a dedicated customer care team backed by a solid marketing and financial foundation. Our factories are staffed by a highly skilled workforce and these have both now been approved by several world-renowned footwear sourcing houses. Having a Satra accredited laboratory on-site in Foshan gives us the ability to develop new products specifically geared towards our local market. In fact, you could say we have everything we need in place to provide the best all-round service possible to our Asian customers and international footwear sourcers from a local perspective.’

Texon International have their Asian head office in Taichung, Taiwan, and have liaison offices in China, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as a network of agents encompassing the continent. Products are stocked in a series of local bonded warehouses with a central hub situated in Malaysia. The company’s Asian sales offices and agents also supply a complete range of the group’s other products including lining materials, components, accessories and Crispin Dynamics(tm) footwear CAD/CAM systems.

For further information visit the Texon International website: [http://www.texon.com] or email: enquiries@texon.com