As in previous years, the students of BSLT (British School of Leather Technology) visited the TFL Academy in Montebello, Italy. The Academy’s in-house training centre conducted a five-day workshop on the latest technologies in leather making to give the students an overview of recent developments in the market.

The BSLT students joined a number of students of the IT IS G. Galilei, to take part in a contest to develop three different innovative leather articles. First, students attended presentations on the latest TFL System innovations and were then able to apply this knowledge in developing their own articles. For this purpose, wet-end and finishing laboratories were at the students’ disposal. The course enabled participants to improve their skills in leather making and exercise their creativity in order to develop their innovative articles. This years’ winner was the upholstery group.

TFL are fully aware of the importance of the leather experts of the future and make great efforts to provide them with an insight on different aspects of the industry. In this way, TFL contribute to the successful education of young professionals and to their future in the leather market.