TFL and the THOR Group have signed an agreement concerning sales, customer service and distribution of biocides for the leather industry. The agreement allows TFL to offer the Acticide WB range to all major leather markets by providing the leather industry not only with superior service but also safe and reliable technical solutions in the biocide field.

Thor, with more than 800 employees, are a leading producer of biocides with R&D facilities and production sites in UK, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico and Malaysia. The group also provide micro-biological services in every continent.

TFL operate exclusively for the global tanning industry, providing superior service, products and branded systems. Their expertise ranges from beamhouse right through to finishing. TFL currently employ around 1,200 people worldwide.

Thor’s innovative technology and know-how in biocides is the ideal complement to TFL’s existing technology and service network for the leather industry. Both partners are looking forward to giving substantial benefits to tanners.