TFL and Tannin Corporation have reached a collaborative agreement to partner in marketing distribution, logistics and manufacturing. TFL will incorporate Tannin’s warehouses and logistics centres into its distribution network in the US and Canada and Tannin will provide technical and sales service to a selected market segment for both TFL and Tannin’s wet end products.

Dr Heider Krenz, co-president of TFL sees strong customer focus in this arrangement. ‘We see this cooperation as an important step to strengthen our presence and deliver our innovative technologies more quickly to this important market. With the synergies between the two companies, TFL offers additional advantages to its customers in the NAFTA region.’

Thomas W Thompson, president of Tannin Corporation, states: ‘Tannin Corporation’s philosophy is to create value with quality products, technical service, customer support and fair prices. This credo has served us well as we can assure you that our collaboration with TFL would receive the same attention that we practice with all our customers.’

Tannin currently have four manufacturing plants in the NAFTA region and maintains warehouses in Peabody (MA), Johnstown (NY), Milwaukee (WI), Baltimore (MD), Memphis (TN), Hong Kong and Shanghai. Tannin Corporation also have a fully-owned subsidiary, Tannin Mexico SA de CV in León, Mexico.

TFL, headquartered in Weil am Rhein, Germany, were founded in 1996 with the merger of the leather businesses of Ciba-Geigy, Röhm and Stockhausen. With their numerous customer service labs, TFL are active in every major leather centre in the world and are present in ninety countries with seventeen subsidiaries and eight production sites close to their customer base. Currently TFL employ more than 1,200 people worldwide, among them about two hundred technicians. This global presence ensures that superior systems and service are offered to TFL customers—from beamhouse through wet-end to finishing.