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In ‘Living’ furniture designs using interactive technologies and sustainable modular solutions introduce the coming future. Back-printed fabric partitions light up when walked past and the LCD crystal glass panel, separating areas, transforms into an interactive scenario through the use of electronic effects. The colours range from pastel pink to orange and dark red, complemented by grey and brownish tones.

The main themes in ‘Wearing’ are simplicity, used materials and colour mix. Simplicity is achieved through simple shapes and by focusing on using materials in an authentic fashion. The use and function of a particular design also play an important role by triggering innovative ways of attitudes. Playing around with colours by choosing, combining and changing hues can create countless options, thus evoking emotions. The colours range from various bordeaux to deep red shades complemented by brown, violet and yellowish tones.

Furthermore, TFL highlight their Sella Fast A colour range. Sella Fast A dyes are anionic powder dyes specially selected for the drum dyeing of shoe upper leather.

They also introduce the new Sella Derm M2 range of liquid salt-free metal complex dyes. These dyes are miscible in water and organic solvents. They are recommended for shade intensifying, correcting and levelling of dyed leather.

The TFL Colour Trends catalogue is now available. For further details visit