A warm and sensual theme in this range of crystal-sweet colours, that stimulate our spirit with a balance of warm and cold shades that blend and complement each other. The range develops as if seen through a dream, with shades that remain impressed on the memory, discreetly glossy shades with chalky tones, ethereal colours with foggy, blurry tones. The shades of this atmosphere come from fosils, colours that are often indefinable with their neutral, watercolour tinges.


* Overlaying

* Liberty

* Botanic gardens

* Favrile from Tiffany

* Wavy forms

* Spiritualism

* Brightness

* Energy

* Esotericism

* Art Nouveau


Deep and pigmented shades for everyday life, hard and dark tones from the mineral world, contrasted by irregular, shot surfaces. Deep, twilight tones like the colours of the night, pigmented with the richness of times gone by, blending with macro-reliefs and grid structures. The cold, metallic greys of armour mix with red, the strong primary colour of this range. The energy of the colours springs from dosing and daring with the combinations, for your own well-being, not to appear, but to be.


* Active-Chic

* Web * Armour

* Channel-hopping

* Business-on-the-road

* Gothic Punk

* Lady Warrior

* Origami

* Line-lengthening

* Heraldry – Lineage


Almost primary, in combination with the cold tones of powder blue, bringing to mind the time when folks built everything and built it well. Let’s blend them in patchwork fun and rediscover flavours lost with time. Clean, defined colours like red and navy; precious, with an antique feel, like lavender and powder blue, warm and reassuring like pink and dark orange. They bring to mind crochet blankets and mixes of place and style, always looking with an alternative eye to the future.


* Tapestry

* Crochet

* Mixes of rich and poor

* Simplicity of design

* Traditionalism

* Life in movement

* The motor-scooter

* Retro-futurism

* Geometric-design rugs

* Mobile and impromptu architecture