TFL have produced their new forecast of fashion colours for leather for the spring and summer 2004 season. As last year, the forecast is produced in association with Italian designers Carmen Rimoldi and Sergio Belloni.

It is published 21 months in advance of the retail season giving TFL’s customers the chance to be well informed, well in advance, and that offers advantages for their customers also.

The new issue of the catalogue shows colour preferences for three categories: Elegant, Classic and Sport. In addition, recipes for the beamhouse, wet-end and finishing are presented.

Antique pinks, pied-de-poule and timeless combinations of black and white are the preferred shades for the Elegant range. The Classic colours can be described as earthy with creamy beiges combined with bright yellow.

The Sport palette includes almost artificial colours for a multi ethnic melting pot.

The forecast is published twice a year, February and August. Contact your local TFL partners for details or visit the website at [] to see the projected colours.